It Was Probably the Acetone

Let this be a warning to others, do not light a cigarette while using nail polish remover. A Kalamazoo woman is in hosiptal with serious burns and her house is now a charred shell after she “flipped her light” and the house exploded.


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7 responses to “It Was Probably the Acetone

  1. Wow! I may need to write this one down as much as I smoke and my wife likes to get gussied up.

  2. I alternate between Michigan and Florida. Glad you can find loons in both my states….Perhaps the “highly flammable” part of the label had been eaten away by the acetone?

  3. Who does their own nails these days. I know I don’t…haha

  4. Who farted? just askin….

  5. Fairy Face

    How’s the two Melbourne blokes who blew their legs off today making a home made bomb? Another success story lol. WTF were they really going to use it for? The mind boggles. Scary!!!!

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