Anchors Away

Note to self, when getting drunk on a  ship do not attempt to drop the ship’s anchor while cruising  because that’s a whole lotta trouble  right there! Rick Ehlert was caught on surveillance cameras using gloves and a wrench to drop the MS Ryndam’s 18 ton anchor in International waters off Mexico. OK, it took him 12 minutes and he didn’t quite get it to touch the sea floor but it was enough to see him face  up to 20 years in jail.


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4 responses to “Anchors Away

  1. Nit Pick! You picture shows the BOW of a ship. The guy dropped the STERN anchor. This article tells us so:


  2. This guy’s way too energetic to be a proper drinker. All I can do on a cruise is eat, drink, and pass out. 😀

  3. so what were the crew doing during the 12 minutes this dude was trying to do an emergency stop ?

  4. Fairy Face

    In Oz you get the maximum 8 for manslaughter so go figure.

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