Yvonne The Cow Is Still Hiding in The Bavarian Forest

Yvonne the cow, has became and internet sensation after she bolted from a slaughterhouse and hid in a Bavarian forest. The cow has been on the run for three months and shows no signs of giving up. Hell, I wouldn’t either after police ordered the poor thing shot on sight after she leaped in front of  their car and they called her a “public hazard”. Despite  helicopters, infrared cameras and even a friggin “cow whisperer” the bovine has not been found (despite cow paddy sightings). Yvonne has been decribed as quick as a weasel and now has her own Facebook page.


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6 responses to “Yvonne The Cow Is Still Hiding in The Bavarian Forest

  1. Fairy Face

    Geez can you blame her?

  2. Fairy Face

    Yvonne? I was just sitting here wondering how she got that name Loon. Can you fill us in? Also why does the ENTER COMMENTS HERE thingy not delete. There are some funny goings on on this site lately I tell ya. I have to type over it all the time. I have to keep filling in fairy face and email too. What’s causing that Loon? Is it something you’re doing. I’m also getting things underlined in green all the time. Not the usual aqua more a British Racing Green.

  3. This is what we need. More feel good news!

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