Iconic House Of Davids For Sale

I think the loon may have found the perfect holiday house. It’s in LA and is going for a song, $2.1 million. It wasn’t so much the 22 rooms that attracted  my attention but more so the 19 Statues of David that line the front yard. Imagine waking up to 19 naked men happy to see you. The house is owned by Norwood Young, an R&B  singer who discovered far too late that his statues were more famous than himself or his career. Bummer!

Psst I’m guessing you’ll have to be very, very, careful cleaning them?


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7 responses to “Iconic House Of Davids For Sale

  1. The picture only shows 7 david’s…dissapointing Loon…..Leonardo would be turning in his grave….lol

  2. It took you 10.08 seconds Mega to respond to this post….I was sitting here waiting 🙂 🙂

  3. I could say something about all those men and Loon but I will refrain.

  4. Fairy Face

    And I like my men ‘ HAPPIER ‘ to see me. A lot har…happier.

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