Oldest Evidence of Life Found In Western Australia

Hey darl, did you know we are the original bloodline? Now get me another beer!!!

Well blow me down with a feather, it seems Western Australia, has unearthed the oldest evidence of life on Earth. No, not me you silly billies. They found a fossil that they believe is more than 3.4 billion years old. OK, the fossil is a friggin bacteria but it was living without oxygen. Suck that one up Greenies!!!!

Psst Dear god, does that mean everyone is descended from Aussies?


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12 responses to “Oldest Evidence of Life Found In Western Australia

  1. I love Aussies. My landlord is one. I get to call him every month to remind him to get the rent. If he meets me at the local bar for it he even buys me a beer!

  2. Is that why you all look so old?

  3. Everyone is actually descended from Aussie Wombies.

  4. Beer, cigarettes, sunshine and joints…oxygen does not even come into it….We get carbon taxed in this state for good reason….That is why we look so old Bearman… 🙂 Hey Loon, send Bearman a pic of ya will ya darl. Bearman loves fossils …..Burp… fart…next

  5. That certainly explains a lot about human nature. We’re all loony down to our DNA!

      • Fairy Face

        No Loon the oldest fossil in Oz is called Catherine and she lives a street away from me. I had a big gum tree taken of the block I’m building on as it’s so big I can’t build around it. Low and behold Catherine is out of the woodwork wearing men’s shirt and boots saying that I’d be fined, jailed, demonised if I went ahead as the Micro Bats are breeding now and I should reconsider cutting down the tree and building my house at a later date. ( I’ll be renting in between so yes Catherine that’s a great option for me) till after they breed. Fcuk off Catherine I have a husband to look after who may come home soon. A house to built to suit his needs and you are friggin worring about micro bats having nowhere to live. Helloooo we live next to The Wombat State
        Forest and I’m sure they will prefer the forest to Main Road Hepburn. She’s moving with all the other Greenies to Tassie thank God. She told me she worked at the wild life santuary for a short time so I told her a little knowledge can be dangerous. The tree was approved for felling by the council. Fairy Face 1 Greenie 0. No wonder your husband became a woman and an ugly old mol at that. Hands like No7 shovels and tank tops showing his/her muffin top gut. See Loon I told you people here are weird!!! We were actually hoping that she’s chain herself to the tree so we could take her out too but no such luck. She actually asked me it my new house would be ‘subtle’. I FREAKED out as she lives in a kit home painted tangerine with a tangerine letter box with dots hand painted on it. It’s a eyesore. Look on the net 18 A Vania Street Daylesford. Tha balconies are all orange and it’s asking price is $270.000.00 which is ok for a shack I suppose. The picture actully does it justice.

  6. That is friggin hilarious FF. Greenies!!!!! Blahahaaha, ask her if her shoes are leather 🙂

    • Fairy Face

      She actually rang my brother to get my mobile. He knew what my reaction would be so be obliged lol. I don’t think I’ll be hearing from her in the very near future. I know where the bats are and they’re not in my tree. She wears Blundstones Loon. Greenies all wear boots.

  7. this friggin old bacteria got anything to do with yogurt loaf ?

  8. That’s okay, creepy fossilized bacteria…
    you’re only as old as you feel.

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