Granny Takes A Bullet

Just don't touch my perm dear!

A 92 year old granny from Wales jumped in front of a gunman who burst into a hair salon and took a bullet to the neck. Connie, as she is known, saw Darren Williams about to shoot his estranged wife so she leaped into action to protect her hairdresser.When she was being carted away she began freaking out. She wanted to know where she was shot because she was afraid they would shave her newly done do! Mr Williams, in the meantime, ran into the woods and killed himself.


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8 responses to “Granny Takes A Bullet

  1. The lady should get free service for life. Seriously what does the owner have to lose? At 92 how many more haircuts will she get? 🙂

  2. Fairy Face

    Haircuts??? colours,cuts, perms, anything her old heart desires. What a woman, but I mean good heairdressers are hard to come by so you have to protect them at all costs. Go Grannie!!!

  3. I hope she didn’t hurt her hip in the leap 😦

  4. She is my 2011 hero…sorry about that Julian Assange….

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