Murder Near The Loon

All friggin morning I have been hearing helicopters buzzing over my house only to discover there has been a double murder a few blocks from the Loon. What? My quiet neighborhood. So anywho, I went for a little drive and came across this, a road block. The suspect , believed to be a middle aged man, is still on the loose, which may have explained why a police car was parked outside my fortress this morning and my dog wouldn’t stop friggin barking. All train services have been halted because they fear he may have jumped onto a train as there is a station about  100m  from the scene. Seems it all started around 7am while I was tucked away asleep in bed, when police received a call about a violent incident. The bodies of two people, yet to be named, were later discovered in a unit, probably around the time I was writing my first post because that’s when the helicopters began circling. One resident of the street said it was a notorious  for drugs and drug dealers. Sheez, there goes the property prices 😦

UPDATE : News just in, they have caught the suspect in Nollamara.

The Loon proceeds with caution

Realising still in pj's, the Loon decides not to venture too close

OK, that dectective was watching me, I'm outta there!!!!


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16 responses to “Murder Near The Loon

  1. I’m glad they got him. That might have been a bit nerve-racking. crikey

  2. Don’t worry Lisa…nobody touches the Loon…. even a violent intruder into her fortified quarters would feel sorry for her and walk away… The only sunshine she has had the past couple of days is her morning investigation and I suspect the run to the hospital yesterday for her colunoscopy. I mean to say she is still in her fluffy PJ’s as we speak….. Blahahahh 🙂 plonk…..sorry… just fell of my chair.

  3. Jeez, loon, that was a narrow escape – almost being caught in public wearing your snuggie 😉

  4. Anyone who breaks into my place might just not like the ‘cha-chink’ sound of my shotgun. Oh, and the look of my Tasmanian Devil slippers.

  5. Scary stuff… they caught him hiding out not even 4 houses away from mine! Suppose we should be glad they DID catch him!!!

  6. is that what your cop cars look like… wicked! Look like milk delivery vans…

  7. Yikes, Loon…
    that sounds way to friggin’ close for comfort! Glad to hear they caught the suspect!
    Looks like a camera crew in that second shot… are you sure you didn’t file a report live from the scene?! 🙂

  8. I’m glad they got the guy. Now at least you can sleep and continue posting. We have too much invested in you to lose you!

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