Holding Breath Contest Fail

Um, no, I don’t think the excuse that a woman drowned during a “holding breath” contest is going to hold up in court homeless guy. Especially as you told police you think you may have held the woman’s head under water too long. That’s no contest, that’s cheating!

Want sauce with that?


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2 responses to “Holding Breath Contest Fail

  1. Fairy Face

    It gets better all the time. The HOMELESS man has been released on $260.000.00 bond. Pray tell where does a homeless man get $260.000.00? Tell us all and we’ll pass it on to our homeless people. He got pissed an fell asleep beside her… I guess that’s what pissos do.

  2. Criminals come up with the most unique excuses as to how it’s not their fault.

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