Another Friggin Foot Washes Up In Canada!

OK, one foot washing up on the beach in Canada was acceptable ,  a dozen is just damn disturbing.  Yep, another friggin foot in a sneaker has been found floating along the shore, this time in Vancouver. Over the past 4 years there have been about 12 running shoes found on beaches between the southern Georgia Strait and Washington state,  each with a human foot inside. Only two of the feet have ever been identified and they belonged to two missing men. Hmm, I don’t want to do your job people but maybe it’s time you considered a serial killer?

Please make it stop

Here’s when they found foot #7

And here’s when they found #8



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9 responses to “Another Friggin Foot Washes Up In Canada!

  1. Maybe it’s just a pedicurist with aggressive tendencies?

  2. How does that happen? We get hundreds of dead birds and Canada gets dead feet. I’m jealous.

  3. Possibly a pissed off podiatrist.

  4. Hasn’t anyone noticed 12 missing joggers?

  5. They have said it may be naturally detached (decomposition) feet of people who have committed suicide in the nearby river.

  6. Maybe grizzly bears don’t like sneekers…hmmmm

  7. Naw, the police do not suspect foul play.
    I am sure that feet fall off naturally all the time.

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