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Seriously, This Makes No Sense

I came across this sign a few days ago and is it me or is this just plain stupid?




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And The Darwin Award Goes To

A big shout out to the United Nations firearms instructor from France who accidentally shot himself in the thigh during recertification training at a shooting center in Springfield.


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So Was He Driving Under The Influence?

Pedro Torres Reyes passed out in his gray, 1997 ,Nissan Sentra. So? He was parked in the center lane of a friggin street with the car running and in gear. Not to worry though, police woke him up and took the 10 cocaine filled baggies they found. He’s now sleeping it off in an El Paso jail.

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Pants On The Ground

Best excuse for masturbating on your front porch you will hear all day….I was “having some problems with my pants,” Thanks Leonard Worby for the laugh.

Want sauce with that?


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Teen Uses Courts To Stop Arranged Marriage

Bravo young lady. A 16 year old girl in Australia secretly snuck off to court and begged to be placed on an airport watch list because her parents were planning to take her to Lebanon for an arranged marriage. The terrified teen not only didn’t want to get married to a man she had met once but was also scared senseless of her parents finding out she had taken legal action. The judge has now ordered the parents to surrender her passport and  not to harass, threaten or intimidate her.

Want sauce with that?


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A Dog Is Il’s Best Friend

How much does Kim Jong Il spend on dog food each year? Hows about $191,400. I bet the 6 million starving North Koreans are absolutely thrilled.


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First Date Fail

You know what I hate? When you are going out on a first date and you accidentally shoot yourself with your gun. I really friggin hate that. The couple from North Carolina had just finished a meal when the guy got into his car and kaboom, right through his leg.


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McDonald’s Child Chewing Used Condom Update

At ease parents, a group of schoolgirls have come forward to claim responsibility for the condom at the Geraldton McDonalds store which saw a two year old girl pick it up at the play area and start chewing on it.  Initially it was thought to be a used condom but the girls have admitted they had filled it with ice cream and left it in the cubby. Phew!


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Ghost or Hoax?

Is this a ghost from an old Victorian Orphanage forced to walk the hallways of a phone shop or someone trying to scare the boo out of us?


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Al Qaeda Tell Ahmadinejad To Shut The Hell Up

But then I would have nothing to say!

Oh dear, seems it wasn’t just the UN pissed off with Imadinnerjacket. Yep,  al Qaeda aren’t too happy with his conspiracy theory rants about September 11th either. Hello, messing with their cred! How the hell can you be taken seriously as a terrorist organisation when you have a grey suited fool muddying the waters!


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