Vagina Tree Deflowered by Hurricane Irene

Greenpoint is in  mourning following the death of “Vagina Tree” . Damn thing up and toppled thanks to Hurricane Irene’s high winds. Obviously it didn’t have a good enough root! RIP Vagina Tree.


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10 responses to “Vagina Tree Deflowered by Hurricane Irene

  1. The ring is a good touch.

  2. It’s a punishment from God I tell ya… For not showing a proper appreciation for gifts given! 😆

  3. How the fuck did I not know about the Vagina Tree? And now it’s gone. Can I have the ring? I could use it as a necklace.

  4. so the earth moved for the vagina tree ❓

  5. Fairy Face

    I mean really who could root that? lol

  6. Yes…. well ….good thing it’s gone…. It is not what I invisaged a vagina to look like….however the tree is definitaly f@#ked now 😦

  7. Fairy Face

    My vagina doesn’t… ah never mind… Well I don’t think so. Wait a minute and I’ll get the mirror. Nope, for a start it’s not that colour.

  8. Lynn

    I am absolutley sure Rip had nothing to do with this.

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