Anyone Missing 3000 Pairs of Undies?

Hey Bearman,  you know anything about this? Seems someone has discarded 3,000 pairs of new and used panties along a roadside in Ohio.


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6 responses to “Anyone Missing 3000 Pairs of Undies?

  1. Fairy Face

    Dear God 3000 pair, I wonder who got the job of cleaning them up Ewh!!! ?

  2. I just wonder who bothered to count them.

  3. so there are 3,000 women in Ohio going ‘commando’ ? 😆

    I think they may be in for a disappointment !

    Just saying ! 😆

  4. Joe

    Don’t beat about the bush. No time to crack some jokes, or turn the other cheek. The coverage on this exposure should not be completed by an ass. Surely, some poor persons could use the panties, so they don’t have to air their grievances. Don’t just sit on this. Maybe the old standby tune “Pennies
    from Heaven should be changed to “Panties from Heaven.”

  5. No but I am missing 3000 pair

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