Nutter Alert

A man has flipped out in  a NSW Family Law court and is now holding his daughter hostage claiming he has a bomb in his backpack. The drama unfolded early this morning when he rocked up at the Paramatta court with his 11 year old daughter in tow . He stormed into a female clerks office and asked for a man she had never heard of.  He left and returned a few minutes later telling her he had a bomb in his backpack. The female clerk, Betty Hor, told media “Its my unlucky day,”  The man, chucked a small hissy fit before going  up to the next floor with his poor daughter. He then plonked  a judge’s wig on his head, smashed a window and threw a phone out. Negotiations are still in full swing as the police try to work out what the hell has upset him. A custody battle has been ruled out. The area remains in lock down.


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10 responses to “Nutter Alert

  1. I’m thinking he went and saw Conan the Barbarian.

  2. Now I’m all weirded out because I just happened to be wearing my judge’s wig when I read this…

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  4. gk

    Not all males who are divorcing are evil beings. Do you know the personal circumstances of this man’s relationship with his ex? What if she is the emotionally abusive one but getting all the benefits from NSW Family Law courts because that is just how it is, here.

    Do you have any idea how unfair and frustrating the NSW family law is for (law-abiding) males who are divorcing (undiagnosed) mentally ill women? NSW Family Law does not look at the divorcing couple’s individual circumstances. They work on statisitcs that most males in relationships violate women’s rights therefore ALL males are guilty and have to prove themselves innocent.

    Generally-speaking women with children can take whatever they like, whether it’s morally right or not. A woman can lie about what her ex has been doing and the courts believe her, He, meanwhile, has to gather evidence to prove he is not guilty! This happens. That means that some women who emotionally abuse their spouses use this system for their own gain.

    It’s enough to send any law-abiding male into choosing unacceptable behaviours.

  5. What law abiding man does that? Takes his 11 year old to the Parramatta Court and tells them he has a BOMB!!!!! Also after thinking about it where are your stats when claiming that these females you speak of are undiagnosed mentally ill women?

    • gk

      I agree. This example to express my point was not a good one. He’s more than just “choosing unacceptable behaviours”.

  6. I’d be still be happy to see the stats of the “Undiagnosed mentally ill females”.

    • gk

      Of course there are no stats. I was having a go at those types of women who are unnecessarily spiteful towards their exes. Perhaps I could have phrased it better rather than insulting people who do have a mental illness.

  7. That’s right, I couldn’t imagine that there would have been. Also you just don’t know who you are going to offend now do you? You sound like you’re speaking from experience and if that’s the case it is sad but to label women in marriage breakdowns as undiagnosed mentally ill females makes me wonder how they got that way. Also you are saying that women with children take all they can whether they are entitled or not . Surely if they are your children you want them to be cared for and nine times out of ten that’s usually the mother’s role after a breakup whether you both get along or not. I’m sure there are some women out there who may be like that but the majority just want the best outcome for the family.

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