Top Pathologist Questions Rebecca Zahau’s Autopsy Report

The bizarre case of Rebecca Zahau just got a whole lot stranger. Rebecca was the girlfriend of millionaire Jonah Shacknai who was found hanging naked and bound outside a window in his mansion following the death of Jonah’s 6 year old’s son Max.It was initially believed she had committed suicide after being upset about the accidental death of Max (she was the only person home when he fell down a flight of stairs). However her family are convinced Rebecca would not take her own life and definitely wouldn’t bound her hands and feet nor put a gag in her mouth.

On Friday officials declared her death a suicide but a local news group obtained a copy of the autopsy report and alarms bells immediately started ringing. Renowned pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht then entered the debate when he saw the report and became immediately skeptical about the official findings.

Here are some of things the Medical Examiner did not adequately explain on the report –

1. How she managed to bind her hands (behind her back) and feet and put a gag in her mouth?

2. How she tied a shirt three times around her neck and then tied the other end to a bed with neat slip knots and square knots?

3. What was the mysterious tape residue  found on her ankles?

4. She also had subgaleal hemorrhages on her head which only occurs when the head is struck by something.


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7 responses to “Top Pathologist Questions Rebecca Zahau’s Autopsy Report

  1. Bring in Sherlock Loon Holmes….next

  2. Hassan

    Suicide? Rubbish! Nobody commits suicde like that. Who is the “She” and “He” referred to in the writing on the door? Sounds like someone wants to get back at Shacknai! If Romano was 24/7 at her son’s bedside, how could she be a witness in Zahau’s death? Too many holes and unanswered questions. Many things do not add up here. Can somebody please explain how she could tie her feet, tie her hands behind her back, gag herself with a t-shirt in her mouth, get nude, hit herself on the head, hoist herself to the noose and then jump over the balcony. I still think it was MURDER.

  3. I think a 5 year old would realize it’s not suicide.

  4. So bizarre. I was in Coronado shortly after this happened. So, of course, I felt compelled to walk past the house. The mansion was surrounded by security guards standing watch. There was a super creep vibe. 😦

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