Mel Gibson’s Passion of The Jew

Oi,oi. oi, can I have a plate of ironic and hold the matza balls, Mel Gibson is making a Jewish movie. I know, crazy right? Seems he’s been secretly working on it for 10 years. It’s about Judah Maccabee , a Jewish warrior who was swinging his sword 200 years before Christ.


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7 responses to “Mel Gibson’s Passion of The Jew

  1. Hope he actually casts a jewish actor in the lead role. He didn’t do that for Passion of the Christ…hahahahahahha

  2. Oh, when will Hollywood quit doing remakes?

  3. Maybe the warrior will have a talking beaver on one hand.

  4. Hate me, I like Mel.

    Great actor/director… needs to deal with some personal issues… as do all of us… but maybe not as much as Mel… maybe.

    I think there are too many people who think their poop doesn’t stink.

  5. Fairy Face

    That’s what happens when the press get a hold of a bit of goss. I bet he regrets the day he met the “RUSSIAN”. I still says there’s part of “TIM” that’s the very real Mel.

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