Magic Trick Fail

Blahahahahahaha, no seriously, I shouldn’t laugh but for goodness sakes that was friggin hilarious. Go on, do it again!!!

Psst Disappearing act me thinks!!!! Sheez, is the TV OK??????


Filed under Friggin Hilarious, That's Gotta Hurt, Whoops!

9 responses to “Magic Trick Fail

  1. Wow, he made his brother disappear! Awesome, dude!

  2. Fairy Face

    Lol that WAS hilarious but poor little kid.

  3. So staged. Watch how the smaller kid falls back and then falls to the floor.

  4. I think staged also. If you watch frame-by-frame, the “television” is a prop TV only about three inches thick.

  5. A well staged act indeed…no doubt getting lots of hits….all their tricks are smashing failures. Watch the kid hit the cupboard and go down as to not get hurt by the telly… very effective…keep up the stunt work are my magic heros….

  6. Wow!
    I guess the trick is surviving the act!

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