Cutting The Apron Strings

Hello mother!!!

OK, here’s the thing Gene Fahr, when you are 51 and your girlfriend dumps you, don’t go blaming your mom for it! Sheez! Police were called to a house in Florida where Gene had unleashed his anger at his mother, Gayle, for being the alleged cause of his failed relationship. Apparently he had pepper sprayed her well and good before she managed to flee into her room. That’s when Gene bought out his firearm and began shooting at the door handle. Police managed to rescue the shaken mother who emerged wearing an oxygen mask. Hmm, I’m guessing no Chrissy presents for you Gene!


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2 responses to “Cutting The Apron Strings

  1. Its moms fault. She let her 51 year old son live with her.

  2. Fairy Face

    I agree, I asked mine to find alternative accomodation with their partners. Mine were both 27!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought it was about time to start getting on with getting their own homes established. I did it for them you see lololol….

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