Do Not Poop on a Dead Hedgehog In Public

When a drunk Victor Ford pulled his pants down and squatted over a grass verge to take a dump, little did he know he was seen by a police officer. To make matters worse when the cop wondered over to have a word he saw that Mr Ford had shat on a dead hedgehog. Heavens to murgatroyd, no!!! When confronted Mr Ford said “When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go,”.  Hmm, that’s a outraging public decency right there!

Psst At least the hedgehog was dead and not just sleeping!

Want sauce with that?


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8 responses to “Do Not Poop on a Dead Hedgehog In Public

  1. I had never even thought about pooping on a dead hedgehog in a park before.
    I will now have to fight the urge.

  2. Ah, maybe the hedgehog wasn’t there until…. no, wait, that’s too horrible for words.

  3. Fairy Face

    The scenario is all too much.! “Excuse me sir but you shat on a dead hedgehog”. Well I think he’s lucky to shit rather than sit on it. I say win win for him.

  4. Shatting speeds up the decomposition process, so the coppers should have given him the environmental shatter of the day medal. Sheesh, nobody cares anymore. I’m off to find me some dead roadkill.

  5. Didn’t I see something like this on an episode of CSI?!

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