It’s Tough Being Mayor

Oh tsk, tsk, Boris. Job a challenge is it love? Evidently Boris Johnson the Mayor of London hired someone to deal with the day-to-day duties whilst he tripped the light fantastic. It was all a bit much being mayor and all! Sadly it all went a bit pear shaped after he realized he couldn’t afford a “mini – me”. Yep, you guessed it, a new book is about to be released and they are leaking some of the dirt.

Want sauce with that?


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2 responses to “It’s Tough Being Mayor

  1. Fairy Face

    Yep it would be a tough gig being Mayor and all. All that eating out and opening and shutting this and that. Yep must have been hard to take.

  2. The name ‘Boris’ never fails to remind me of Boris Badenov…
    “We never should have hired moose and squirrel, dah-link!”

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