Tailgated By A UFO

I only wanted to ask directions!!!

You know what I hate? Being friggin tailgated by a UFO, that’s what! Some Aussie guy in the Northern Territory claims after leaving Tennant Creek a bright light suddenly appeared behind his car. He thought it was another car’s headlights but got the surprise of his life when the lights got brighter and he realized something was hovering above him. The man who only wants to be identified as Aiden said to himself “no, no, no, not me, go and take someone else, I am not interested,” The bright white/orange light followed him for about half an hour before vanishing. Hmm, well that was pretty much an anti-climax. Gosh, not so much as “take me to your leader” or an anal probe!

Psst It is quite a common occurance and the Aborgines call them ‘min min’ lights.


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4 responses to “Tailgated By A UFO

  1. I need to visit the Northern Territory!

  2. Why do aliens always do anal probes? What are they looking to find?

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