And Cue Hard Hats!!!!

Remember that 35ft,  6-ton Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite that is tumbling out of control and expected  to crash into Earth sometime real soon? Well, NASA say it’s going to be Friday, no Thursday, no wait it could be Saturday. Oh for goodness sakes just keep one eye glued to the sky for the next week OK!!!

Psst Dear god and you believe these people managed to deliver a live telecast from the moon in 1969!!!! Blahahahahahaaha


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4 responses to “And Cue Hard Hats!!!!

  1. AS long as it is just heading down your way…I’ll be ok.

  2. As long as no one tells me to duck. Because that’s when I stand up and shout, ‘Huh?’!

  3. It could land in your crock infested pond Loon….Oh my what a splash down that would be… It be like you falling in the pond…. 🙂

  4. Still wouldn’t give it to me. . .

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