Yeah, About That Satellite Crashing To Earth

OK loons, about this satellite that is expected to plunge to Earth anytime soon, NASA now say we might have to dodge up to 26 pieces!!!! Yep, you heard me, 26 chunks are likely to survive re-entry and where they land no one friggin knows. Hmm, well that dramatically increases the odds of getting whacked on the head, now doesn’t it?  Oh but don’t bother ringing NASA, they are wiping their hands of the whole thing, saying even if they tracked it from  re-entry they couldn’t predict where or who the hell the pieces  were going to hit. The thing is spinning out of control. All they know is the majority of the satellite will melt and burn but about half a ton is coming to get us on Thursday, Friday, Saturday soon.


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8 responses to “Yeah, About That Satellite Crashing To Earth

  1. rear entry is always traumatic…. Gee… what am I thinking?

  2. We’re all doomed!
    If anyone wants to sell their house, car, kids, etc. for a cent or two on the dollar. . .

  3. Fairy Face

    I’ll be in Daylesford and if it falls there it would be good. The town gays will be just soooo excited as rear entry is right up their street , I hope it’s Saturday as they will all be up and about.

    • Yow Fairy Face, you appear so homophobic…… poor thing….what sufferance…. help is on the way…I know this great councilor who uses electric shock treatment on square, straight and boring people in order to get them to understand and accept gay people for who and what they are….. Oh there is also a farm in Switzerland that could help you out….Expensive though….

      • It didn’t help you Mega 🙂

      • Fairy Face

        LOL Loon I’m behind the eight ball today. Yes Mega I’m probably homophobic. Those effeminate little “GIrls” really tick me off. I don’t mind gays but not in my face. No need to act like an idiot. You’re gay or you’re not! I’m straight and I’m not in their face. I go to a restaurant and those ‘girls’ decide to have a little food fight. GROW UP GIRLS and GET THE HELL OUT OF MY FACE.
        They were all of thirty years old!!!! WTF????

  4. UP TO 26 pieces probably means about 24 or 25 in reality, so not to worry.
    Unless… someone forgot to carry a zero…

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