Good Luck Selling Your House!

Titus Terranova has made it extremely hard for his next door neighbor to sell their house, which is located in rural Colorado. Reason? He has painted  a 12ft sign on the side of his caravan warning potential buyers he’s the neighbor from hell. The sign which is visible to anyone looking at the property reads
3 Rottweilers
Loud Parties
Loud Music
Loud Cars

Surprisingly there have been no takers and the seller is now considering taking out an injunction to force Terranova to remove the sign.


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8 responses to “Good Luck Selling Your House!

  1. Fairy Face

    Titus Terranova??? sounds like a skin disease.

  2. Ah Truth in advertising. Some one will now be able to buy this place for half price and show the bad neighbor just what a neighbor from hell is really like. Is there a motorcycle club in Colorado looking for a hangout?

  3. Fairy Face

    The seller should put and ad up to that effect. ” The bigger and badder you are the better the discount!” The neighbour sounds like Dave, our old neighbour. Remember Dave and TUNYAAAAA??
    Lol I saw her shopping the other day in NQR and for those of you who don’t have these store it stands for NOT QUITE RIGHT,. Just like her.

  4. I guess the guy must not want his neighbor to move.

  5. I guess no horse will be buying it now.

  6. The skin disease…I mean Titus Terranova….wants to buy the property next door for bargain price….He is expanding his empire…

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