Special Delivery

The life of a female newspaper delivery woman can often be rewarding but at times it can also be quite confrontational. Just ask the poor Easton delivery woman, she was minding her own beeswax, merrily delivering the papers at 5.30am when some balding, middle aged, naked guy jumps out of the bushes and begins yelling obscenities and masturbating in front of her.

Psst Slow news day!


Filed under I'm Just Saying !, Thanks For Nothing, Well I Never, Whoops!

8 responses to “Special Delivery

  1. Puts a new meaning to spicing up the day…..

  2. ‘balding, middle aged’

    She was looking at his head ?

  3. Fairy Face

    LOL Dunc no she was actually describing his other head.

  4. She was armed with the best throwing clubs that were ever printed! She should have left him battered and bruised and crawling back into the bushes, dragging what was left of his dignity.

  5. He must have been really excited about what she was delivering. Or maybe not since he already had his package in hand. Surely he was exposing his need for her services, but obviously his attempts at communication came to an inappropriate climax.

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