Pillow Fight Fail

Pillow fight. And you?

Poor Joyce Belkadi now has her mugshot splashed all over the internet because she whacked her boyfriend with a pillow during a fight and got herself arrested! Tough crowd at Boca Raton!

Want sauce with that?


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6 responses to “Pillow Fight Fail

  1. Fairy Face

    I suppose it’s better than having your mugshot splashed all over the net like the Melbourne women who buried her husband under the pigpen. At least they found him.

  2. She probably shouldn’t have stuffed the pillow with rocks.

  3. Melissa Diaz

    It’s a sad situation because no one knows the whole story. I was friends with her at the time and know what happened. If anyone knew what the real story was then they know he deserved way worse and is lucky that she used a pillow. And how pathetic that weasel really was, to call police over a pillow when he’s done way worse and crazier then anyone knew.

  4. Joyce Miller

    I won’t say what he did to me but, I got arrested for hitting him first. Yes he’s lucky it was a pillow 😉

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