Jamey Rodemeyer Bullied beyond The Grave

Remember 14 year old Jamey Rodemeyer who committed suicide because he was bullied at school for being gay and then Lady Gaga dedicated a song to him at a recent concert? Well evidently his sister was at a homecoming dance and the Lady Gaga song came on and the bullies started chanting ‘You’re better off dead!’ and ‘We’re glad you’re dead!’  Sheez, enough already, you got what you wanted.


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6 responses to “Jamey Rodemeyer Bullied beyond The Grave

  1. How sad…Those sick homo phobic bullies should all be charged with murder and then some. Throw them to the red neck lifers in the joint and have them re arrange their ugly arses …. RIP young man. Your torment is over….

  2. Are you f#$king kidding me even after he is gone the bulling continues!!! I think its time for parents to start meeting in the gym, maybe if Mom and Dad get a nice ass whoopin they may be more inclined to teach THEIR OWN CHILDREN how to act respectfully of other peoples rights TO BE WHO AND WHAT THEY ARE these nasty ass little heathens learned this behavior somewhere HOLD THE FREAKIN PARENTS ACCOUNTABLE!! and the god forsaken state I live in wont even pass a damn bulling law cause the dumb ass republicans are stuck up the ass’s of the radical Christians and want the wording changed to not specify “gay or lesbian teens”….MAKES ME SICK!

    • Fairy Face

      Now that is really sick. I’m sick of kids who display bad behaviour period. Gay or straight, our government has a part to play in all of this. Don’t smack your kids, Don’t yell at them, just reason with them and take away privileges. Bullshit! A slap around the butt or back of the legs when they are small jolts them back to reality. Sadly it’s too late as the kids who have grown up without discipline don’t know what respect means and their moronic parents haven’t got a clue either so no win here.
      As Bill Cosby said, “I’m glad I’m on the way out rather than the way in”. Imagine 30 years from now. No thanks !!!

  3. Sooner or later I will be writing about one of those little sick-o s on my blog.


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