McDonald’s Child Chewing Used Condom Update

At ease parents, a group of schoolgirls have come forward to claim responsibility for the condom at the Geraldton McDonalds store which saw a two year old girl pick it up at the play area and start chewing on it.  Initially it was thought to be a used condom but the girls have admitted they had filled it with ice cream and left it in the cubby. Phew!


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10 responses to “McDonald’s Child Chewing Used Condom Update

  1. Fairy Face

    KIds!!! disgraceful!! My daughter is an English teacher and an assignment was given to her students to create a magazine using normal girls instead of stereotypical skinny models. Ads could also be of their choice but nothing of a provocative or sexual nature had to be submitted either. An “Agony Aunt” column could also be part of the project.
    Well one 14 year old created a glossy magazine with her “Airbrushed” and very seductive self gracing the cover. Half naked young men appeared on every second page and a free gift was also included as part of her package. A neatly packed Life Style condom was in fact the gift.
    The Agony Aunt column was about the self examination of her vagina where she found small lumps which could not possibly be STDs so what were they? Also questions regarding semen and other interesting male body parts were her chosen topics.
    This young lady goes on school camp with more make up than a TV make up artist and rises at 5.00am to start her regime.
    What is it with kids, is it all about shock treatment of are they just plain stupid? Needless to say she failed but at 14 why does she need all this going on in her life? Crazy crazy crazy. Now her mother is going to be contacted and a meeting set up about parental guidance. I know what would have happened at my school if we’d pulled a stunt like this?

  2. “Educated young minds” find such creative ways to fuck with people. Imagine when these “girls” turn into “bitches.”

  3. Fairy Face

    I snuck a look at this particular students “magazine” this morning when my daughter was asleep. They were all on the table being checked over. There’s more …. lol
    Agony Aunt column.. reads
    My boyfriend and I had “DRY SEX” and he ejaculated !!!!!!
    WTF is dry sex? these kids know more than me. I man I have an idea but never heard it called that.

    Also, she writes that kids can start going though puberty as young as 6. News to me but this is called precoscious sex EEEK!!!! I must live under a rock.

  4. Fairy Face

    This little nymph says she LOVES it. 14???????????????????

  5. Painted Lady

    Ice cream!? Phew is right! LMAO! Pranks rock, but these girls are a lil misguided. That Dad must have puked in His mouth a lil when He saw his daughter munching on a condom. That will teach Him! Kids need supervision, and clearly at every age! Heh!!! Classic…

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