Seriously, This Makes No Sense

I came across this sign a few days ago and is it me or is this just plain stupid?




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7 responses to “Seriously, This Makes No Sense

  1. Apparently, the sign maker didn’t have a good supply of commas. It should read:

    “No butts, bikes, or rubbish, please”. IE: don’t sit on this fence, tie a bike to it, or throw crap over it.

  2. At least it’s working.
    (Is that a spent cigarette I see just below the sign?)

  3. My motto is always “no naked butts”

  4. Fairy Face

    It makex perfect sense Loon but ommitted to point out that it’s punishable by DEATH. I hate cigarette butts all over the place. What makes smokers think that we non smokers enjoy looking at their crap once they’ve finished with it? Our planet is not a garbage bin at their disposal. So smokers, next time you toss a butt think very carefully. YOU ARE LITTERING!!

  5. Do you know how much it costs for commas?

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