WTF Bearman?

I told Bearman I look fat in Khaki!!!!!  Dear Leader begs all loons to go over to that dissident’s blog and give him a piece of my mind!!!! You heard me, NOW!!!!!!!  That’s


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19 responses to “WTF Bearman?

  1. That is not

  2. susi spice

    bhahahhahahahhahaha omgggg

    this is uncanny…as someone that knows loon in person..i can vouch for the fact this is almost perfection to her likeness haha.

  3. Loon is fat no matter what outfit…

  4. So that’s what you really look like. The green seems to suit you & goes nicely with the colour of your skin and farts

  5. So that’s what you look like…
    Didn’t see that coming.

  6. I think the glasses are flattering.

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