14 Year Old Faces 6 Years in Bali’s Kerobokan jail

One more time people. Indonesia doesn’t care how friggin old you are, if you get caught with drugs, that’s prison time. A 14 year old New South Wales boy is facing up to 6 years in a Bali’s nightmare Kerobokan jail after being arrested for possessing marijuana while on hols with his parents. Indonesia doesn’t not distinguish between children and adults when it comes to crimes or prisons. Here’s in with the big boys. The unnamed kid is currently being held in a Denpasar police station and is said to be in tears. Sheez, I would be too. You ruined the family holidays for starters!


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13 responses to “14 Year Old Faces 6 Years in Bali’s Kerobokan jail

  1. He can publish his own book when he gets out…….Indonesian law is Indonesian law. Don’t go there if you don’t like it…Dickhead knew what he was doing…. Innocent children just don’t have marijuana on them…gee..next

  2. Fairy Face

    Bad kid….. BAD!!!!!!!

  3. Fairy Face

    It’s alleged he bought the marijuana for the equivalent of $25 after being approached by a dealer while on his way to get a massage in Kuta earlier in the afternoon.

    I just got this of NINEMSN. Just what every fourteen year old needs “A MASSAGE” I wonder what kind?

    • “Just what every fourteen year old needs “A MASSAGE” I wonder what kind?”

      blahahahaha FF, and to think THAT isn’t illegal!!!!

      • Fairy Face

        I bet it was a rub and tug lol . I saw the TV footage of him with his face pixilated and if I’m looking at the right kid on TV he’s got an armful of tattoos EEEK! Who lets their 14 year old get a sleeve full of tatts?

      • Probably the type of parents that would breed a kid who would buy weed in Bali?

      • Fairy Face

        My daughter was there a couple of months ago and she reckons there are Aussie kids roaming around all over the place while mum and dad are out having tea. They all meet up and just hang out waiting for their parents. In Bali I’d think that’s a disaster waiting to happen.

      • A joint and a massage sounds damn attractive. He should have added KY gel to his shopping list making it a complete kit for an Aussie snowflake on a Bali Holiday….

  4. Buddy … you were old enough to buy the stuff, you were old enough to use the stuff …. now be old enough to face the consequences!!!

  5. Androgoth

    That’s what you get for being a pot head,
    How do you mean he is only fourteen? 😦
    So what, if he can’t do the time, then don’t
    do the crime…

    Besides that Pot smoking
    gives you Zombie teeth 🙂 lol


  6. Androgoth

    Zombie Teeth Too… lol
    Loon You Can Edit That One 🙂


  7. JumpinJerman

    6 years jail, for having a harmless plant, what the fuck is wrong with the world….

    Even though the kid knew the laws & consequences, 6 years? for carrying a plant? really?

    In the case of marijuana probation, There is more harm in the probation of the stuff than in the abuse of it itself. What’s really the most harmfull? Marijuana probation or the drug itself, all i know is that DIRECT effects of marijuana never has or will ruin someones life like that jail sentence has ruined his.

    Bali drug laws are messed in my opinion, he didn’t harm anyone, he didnt harm himself, the only thing he did was had the drugs which he knew he shouldn’t, but even still, 6 years?

    Insanity in my opinion, well hopefully this story reads out to other people who might be in his position in the future, don’t fuck with drug laws.

  8. However sad and stupid the law…We have had plenty cry babies go to jail there…what is it they don’t understand???….DON’T SMOKE FRIGGING DOPE IN BALI…next

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