The Yeti Is Alive

Stop looking people, scientist believe they have found indisputable proof of the existence of the Yeti in Siberia. Seriously dudes, ‘indisputable proof’ means you have the big hairy beast in captivity! Anywho, during an expedition to the Azasskaya cave the researchers from US and Canada found the usual Abominable Snowman evidence…footprints and hair samples. Hmm, but no hairy beast though! Why didn’t they just wait until the beast came home?

Psst What’s the bet if they ever find it they will kill it (for scientific reasons of course!)


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6 responses to “The Yeti Is Alive

  1. Some of my relatives live up there, and we have pretty big feet. I wonder. . .

  2. Fairy Face

    Ok but I hope when he comes home they have a better camera than the one that takes all the other grainy photos of panthers and all the other Big Foot sightings. I need to get myself off to the Medownick Clinic as I just can’t see them properly lol.

  3. Rocky_Mountain

    A ‘give away’ in the Telegraph mentioned how regional officials were trying to develop a tourist industry. I can see it now, “Yeti Tours”, “Snowmen Hotels” etc. etc. These ‘creatures’ must be far more intelligent than literally thousands of people living right in their midst.

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