McDonald’s Cashier Lays Into Two Female Customers

Well that’s a PR nightmare right there! Chaos reigned at a  Manhattan Maccas (Mickey D’s for American readers) when a cashier (with a criminal past) started laying into two female customers with a steel bar after they jumped the counter following  a confrontation over  a $50 note.

The injury tally –  Woman 1 cracked skull and broken arm . Woman 2 deep lacerations.


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8 responses to “McDonald’s Cashier Lays Into Two Female Customers

  1. the cashier spent 10 yr in prison for killing someone ?

    McDonald’s seem to have relaxed their hiring policy. When I worked in academia some years ago, I had to fill in detailed questionnaire and supply references specifically addressing whether or not students applying for a summer job with McDonalds had, to my knowledge, ever committed a criminal act !

  2. Mickey D’s always seemed off to me (Mc or mac D I get) but Maccas seems to be even worse.
    What is the phonic version of Maccas?
    Mac See?
    Or is it the way I read it: Mac Ca (Either Mac Ca (short a in this case like a throat clearing) OR Mac Caw (like a Crow says) ???)

    Just curious.

  3. I wonder where he got a steel bar at a McDonald’s. Was it the handle from the shake machine? I couldn’t tell if he was the employee she slapped. Also somebody report on if the 50 dollar bill was fake! Stupid news people!

  4. One more terrific reason that alcohol is a really shitty drug.
    And the employee, not drunk but on meth maybe?
    I’m staying in my little town.

  5. Don’t slap people and jump over the counter and you won’t get a metal rod beatdown.

  6. Fairy Face

    Yeah that’s what I reckon. I’d take to you with a metal bar too. They could have had knives in their pockets. Quick thinking 99. Just as well she had a bit of TRAINING behind her lol.

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