What happened to democracy?

Called the gaming minister a wimp....and you?

The Victorian Parliament of Australia is about to pass legislation which will make it a criminal offence to assault, obstruct, hinder, threaten, abuse, insult or intimidate Gaming Minister Michael O’Brien. The reason? The Victorian government feel it’s “reasonably necessary to respect the rights and reputation of the minister and authorised persons”. Hmm, yeah,isn’t  that’s the same reasoning as China and North Korea?  Anywho, once the law is passed  it won’t be long before every minister in Australia will be seeking the same privilege. Bye, bye democracy, accountability and freedom of speech .

Psst If found guilty of an insult, that’s a $12,000 fine right there!


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8 responses to “What happened to democracy?

  1. While the law is still not passed I should mention what a criminal fu#*wit the minister for gaming Mr Michael O’Brien is. the looser should be shot like all other Fu#@wit ministers in this country. Democracy my ass…. In charge of gaming? ….That is worse than being a drug dealer…does the two bob dick understand what his portfolio holds… The rot of Australia…alcohol and gambling….gee….Phew got that in on time….

    • Fairy Face

      You must be exhausted now Mega lol

      • Yes I am dear Fairy Face… just finished a 3 day flight sitting upright squashed between two obese folks on a Qantas flight.from New York back to the homeland. The dog in the cargo hold was drugged and slept the entire journey laid out in his cage. Qantas don’t really value their frequent flyer customers or any human being for that matter. I wish I was a dog and got the better service. Oh…did you mean my rant on minister fu#@dude? That too…bed time now…nighty Loons…Neeexxss……..zzzzzzzzzz

      • But did you get free socks?

  2. Hang on…. there is a knock on the door………

  3. Never mind, loon.

    No need for you to get your sorry arse hauled off to jail for insulting the minister once this law is passed..

    Just tell me what you want to call the f*cken wanker and I’ll happily act as your proxy – might even come up with a few descriptive terms myself !!! 😉

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