Hitler Lived In Argentina After The War

A new book about to be released is claiming Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun didn’t commit suicide in a German bunker in 1945 like they would have us believe. Nope, instead they were smuggled out of Germany by the US in exchange for Nazi war technology. Even Stalin, Eisenhower and Hoover (FBI) all knew there was no proof Hitler killed himself in the bunker,”  Ah yes, but what about Hitler’s skull fragments ? They are believed to be those of a woman. Hitler and Eva lived out their years in Argentina with Adolph dying in 1962. Hmm, this rumor has been circulating for years however the two authors are claiming they have overwhelming proof  he died an old man in South America thanks in part to newly declassified documents and forensic tests.


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5 responses to “Hitler Lived In Argentina After The War

  1. Fairy Face

    Well we need to see the proof then !

  2. I never believed this before, but I saw a recent TV show that did examine the skull and it did not seem to be from someone’s Hitler’s age. They also claimed that Stalin never believed Hitler died in the bunker. . .

  3. Lawrence

    I do believe that a double was killed in the bunker. US Forces could have him sneek out to Argentina in exchange for technology & mass wealth hidden somewhere. It is also logic that to declared him dead rather than putting him on trial which eventually every corner of the world wanted to lay hands on his neck. It is also believed that Hitler is not the single source of the war, there should be more people responsible. To support this, why in the world that the prince of Japan was spared & instead the prime minister of Japan was executed ? Imagine that !

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