Obama Lost For Words

OMG, Obama has lost his TOTUS and is believed to be inconsolable. Hello, he is rarely seen without it. The teleprompter was inside a truck that was stolen during his trip to Chesterfield. Also inside the truck were the Obama’s podiums, audio equipment and presidential seals but he doesn’t give a Honeybadger about that, he just wants his TOTUS back. Come on, give the President back his TOTUS!

Psst : Isn’t Mega currently in the US? Hmm????

2nd Psst There is even a friggin blog dedicated to Obama’s TOTUS!


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4 responses to “Obama Lost For Words

  1. I’d rather have a Lotus than a TOTUS.

  2. Hello yall…FOR SALE…A well used spat on TOTUS. I purchased the unit on E-bay while in the USA for only US $200. I am willing to let it go for AU $2….Roughly the currency exchange rate…Next

  3. Fairy Face

    Mega if you are in the USA do not leave I repeat do not leave without visiting Yosemite!!!!!! It’sa qwhat I wolwd class as one of the woners ofthe world and I’ve been everywhere man. It will be cold now but well worth the visit. ,

  4. What on earth is a TOTUS??? Now I have to Google it.
    Teleprompter Of The United States.
    Why the heck does he need that
    Mrs O: “Would you like a coffee dear?
    Mrs O: “Barrak, do you want a coffee?”
    Mrs O: “I’m speaking to you Mr. President why won’t you answer me???”
    Hand written note: “I don’t know what to say, I’ve lost my TOTUS”

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