You Suck As A Superhero

Yeah. NO!

Be kind loons, he’s somebody’s son!  Dale Foughty, a 56 year old sword wielding robber wearing a Spiderman mask, has had his ass kicked by a broom wielding clerk. When Spiderman Dale waltzed into a convience store in North Carolina swinging his sword and demanding money he was promptly poked in the guts with a broom by the clerk. Oh Dale, that’s like a friggin $100,000 bond right there. Bummer.


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3 responses to “You Suck As A Superhero

  1. This type of shit is getting to be so common. I guess everyone reads comic books these days.

  2. Androgoth

    So he made a pass and got
    the brush off instead…
    Superhero to Superzero in one
    fatal poke of the broom 🙂 lol

    Wicked… lol


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