For all of you non marsupials out there, just a reminder that it is Wombat Day today which means you can indulge in all the chocolate cake and wine gums your tummy can hold without feeling guilty. Wombania is the official Wombat site so come on loons go over and wish Fraz, Binky, Twink and Winky a great day. Don’t forget now….. Wombies.

Happy Wombat Day!!!


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6 responses to “HAPPY WOMBAT DAY !!!!!!!

  1. Binky

    Thanks for the reminder, Loon! I might have forgotten, otherwise!

    Well, actually it would be kind of hard for me to forget Wombat Day, being a Wombie and all, and being up to my ears in cake and fudge and chocolate and wine gums. But everyone’s welcome to come on over and indulge! Bring your appetite!

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  3. Androgoth

    Yes I have my fail-safe stash of wine gums, a space-age capsule of chocolate cheesecake, a catapult that fires chocolate pancakes and a whole army of Skeletons sharing out the Wombat cakes, I know that Binky, Twink, Winky and Fraz are enjoying every minute of it so far and with everyone else invited it’s going to be a very long weekend with lots of partying, I just hope that there are enough party hats to go round 🙂 lol

    Get your cheesecake order in Loon or you might lose out on the choco-fandabbie-wabbie-bozo mix, which is said to be a delicacy amongst Rats and Weasels (Don’t Ask? 🙂 lol ) 🙂

    Have fun now Loon


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