Man Totally Stumped

Oh my, a man from Orange county got himself stuck inside the hollow of a tree. Oh don’t ask me what the hell he was doing inside a tree but he got stuck and he had to scream like a banshee to get the attention of passerbys. Enter the firefighters who had to bring out their heavy equipment in order to free the fool man.


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11 responses to “Man Totally Stumped

  1. Looks like he got stuck in the wrong crotch… Just sayin’

  2. What a man wont do to get a woody!

  3. Between a tree and a hard place.

  4. I think he was looking for a root 😦

    • Androgoth

      I wonder if he found one? 🙂
      Well it was a long reach but
      who knows, he might have
      found something down there
      if he looked hard enough…
      Maybe the wrong choice of
      words on that last bit with you
      being so wicked Loon 🙂


  5. hisqueen

    That was one scary game of hide and seek.

  6. Binky

    I bet it was one of those dangerous man-eating trees. He was just strolling along the trail, when suddenly CHOMP!

  7. Can thank his lucky stars there weren’t no little squirrels in residence … they eat nuts you know!

  8. Androgoth

    Now that’s taking tree hugging to the extreme,
    he was obviously a perverted tree surgeon, or
    a hobo on crack 🙂 lol


  9. Maybe he was celebrating Possum Day 2011 & it just went horribly wrong. Glad I didn’t try to slide down a wombat burrow last Saturday

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