Honey, Why Is The Car Glowing?

What’s worse than a used car salesman? A used car salesman selling radioactive cars. Seems some Japanese dealers are trying to flog contaminated cars from the Fukushima area to unsuspecting customers by re-registering them . One car was so bad that just sitting in it for just 2 hours would expose the driver to the maximum recommended dose for a year. Seems the cars are near impossible to decontaminate so salemen are trying every trick in the book to off load them to the public. Sheez, and everyone’s worried about carbon emissions!

Psst Don’t despair loons, fortunately the cars are so bad they can’t pass the export requirements.


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5 responses to “Honey, Why Is The Car Glowing?

  1. Fairy Face

    Just as friggin well

  2. I would also imagine that our “port radiation sniffers” would bark loudly if such a car was unloaded to the pier.

  3. When in doubt, part them out. Be on the lookout for radioactive car parts near you! At least is someone steals your car you can find it with a Geiger counter.

  4. I’m with WD… stole the words out of my mouth!

  5. Androgoth

    Yes but every car is sold with a thermonuclear protection suit, a pair of pink marigolds and a fail-safe lime green and orange Fukushima leotard just in case the salesman fancies a bit of you know what with anyone that is dumb enough to glow in the dark with him…

    Now Datsun is what I think of it 🙂 lol


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