What Is The Filthiest Surface In America?

Just off to fill the car up

OMG, forget the door handle of a public toilet we have a new winner for filthiest thing to touch in the US. Wait for it …it’s gas pump handles. Oh dear lord, evidently they are the number one breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Want to know what else is friggin filthy? Handles of public mailboxes, escalator rails, ATM buttons, parking meters, crosswalk buttons and vending machines. Evidently germs from people’s hands can transfer 7 times before leaving the skin. Seriously?

1st  Psst  Swabs were taken in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami and Philadelphia.

2nd Psst Sheez, if only the test had included Mega’s computer mouse!


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6 responses to “What Is The Filthiest Surface In America?

  1. I guess I should just stay home.

  2. Also the counter surface at Starbucks.
    I wonder if they tested the public toilet flushing handles.
    Pay phones! Oh man…

  3. Fairy Face

    I don’t know Loon every Psycho in this ward has had hir/her face licked by Tillie and I’m sure she’s been licking her bum before hand. For some reason they don’t seem to mind.

  4. Thanks for the warning. I always figured it was my keyboard.

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