Starbucks And The Sound Of One Hand Clapping

Oh for crying out loud Mister PeePee, masturbating in every New York City Starbucks is no way to go through life. The mystery man has been tweeting his progress is ranking every Starbuck toilet in the city by “boners”! The bathrooms lose points if they are unclean or he gets interrupted. I hope Mister PeePee  doesn’t get calluses , there are 298 Starbucks in the Big Apple.

Psst I checked his Twitter account he only has 60 followers!!!


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Friggin Gross, Well I Never

5 responses to “Starbucks And The Sound Of One Hand Clapping

  1. The Po Thang is probably trying to build up his stamina to handle a real, live woman Loon, and not be like these guys! 😆

  2. Only 60 followers…
    That’s not too bad I guess considering what the wanker’s doing. I’m surprised that anyone is following. Probably 60 other wankers

  3. Only 60…that scares me to no end.

  4. Fairy Face

    I wonder what other odd things he does in ther course of his day?Probably not much time left for anything else.

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