Even Ghosts Do It!

Ewh, what’s worse than finding a ghost in your house? Finding two ghosts having sex on your couch! Dianne Carlisle’s 4 year old granddaughter snapped the apparition accidentally while playing  with her gran’s phone.

Psst Hmm, are you sure they are ghosts?


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7 responses to “Even Ghosts Do It!

  1. Those are ghosts but one is getting a spanking

  2. Fairy Face

    I’m still trying to figure out what it’s getting lol

  3. It looks like a black ghost watching two white women ghosts 😦

  4. This is beyond doubt an obscene picture exposing a four year old child to ghost sex?…hmmmm…. call in the child abuse ghost busters…..PS; This service is only available in America…. next

  5. Androgoth

    I think this is an image that was already on the Gran’s phone, of course how it got there is another story entirely? 🙂 lol Perhaps she is a part-time voyeur? 🙂


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