Handicap Parking App

Park illegally in handicap parking bays do you? Hmm, well you might want to think again if you live in Austin, Texas because it won’t be long before a public vigilante group will be able to use their Smartphone to dob in handicap parking cheats. Yep, residents will soon be allowed to take a series of photos, proving a violation, and then send the images to the council via an iPhone app so they can issue a parking ticket. You should never mess with the handicap!


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10 responses to “Handicap Parking App

  1. Gee ….what a pain having to look at all those HANDICAP bays empty…..hmmmm … next

  2. Truly handicap people don’t drive cars…. Those that do are not handicap they just use their body differently to the “norm” but are very capable…

    • Fairy Face

      Mega I have a sticker for my husband and not only do they park illegally but in the larger parks three cars park in a two car spot. Handycapped people need extra room to manoevre and although Jan isn’t old he has a very serious disability. Not just getting in and out of the car but he thinks every white wagon is ours. The icing on the cake came two months ago when some areshole pinched his sticker when I put the car in for a service. How low can someone stoop? I hope they actually need it themselves soon and they will see what obstacles these poor people have to overcome..

      • Thank you Fairy Face for putting me straight. There was no ill or insult intended on my behalf, I do however have difficulties in calling people handicapped when they are able to get around be it in wheelchairs or otherwise or even with a carer. I do see the need for these bays but to call them handycap bays bugs me no end. How about “alternative parking”. Less salt in the wound giving those needy people a little more dignity instead of being labeled handy capped.
        My humble apology if I insulted anyone who truly need to use these bays.

      • Fairy Face

        I wasn’t insulted but it’s annoying when so called NORMAL people use these parks and I agree, being called handycapped and disabled is a term I will never get used to. To see someone struggle with a disability after being so able bodied has given me a whole new insight into what others have to deal with. I’m a very different person because of it.

      • WTF ???? You got an apology from Mega FF? Damn, he must be softening in his old age 🙂

  3. Binky

    The only problem being that people might photoshop the photos to get someone in trouble.

  4. Not true Megagetoverit, I personally know of a quad who drives himself around with adaptions to the controls. Also there are those who drive the ones around in the wheelchairs for appts and such. I think this is a great idea.

  5. I[ve heard of some companies that pay you to get the license numbers of certain cars so they can run them to find wanted criminals. You just take the pictures and send the photos in. If they catch someone, you get paid.

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