Exploding Toothbrush Recall

Um, attention all people with a Colgate-Palmolive Motion Electric Toothbrush, you might want to step away from the device as  it just might go off like a bomb. So far there have been nine reports of these particular toothbrushes exploding. Health Canada have announced a complete recall of the battery operated death trap despite there have been no recorded serious injuries yet .

Want sauce with that?


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9 responses to “Exploding Toothbrush Recall

  1. Becoming Bitter

    Good thing I prefer doing things the “hard” way. By the way, thanks for stopping by frigginloon and leaving a comment. If you really want a bitter taste check out “Message to the Haters and Lovers” or “How to Write Proper Hate Mail and Comments” on my blog.

  2. Finally! I am so glad I don’t brush my teeth! Winning!

    You do realize those are jokes, right?


  3. Maybe Colgate was receiving kickbacks from a denture company to make them this way.
    Darn it, now I’m gunna need dentures…

  4. I guess if I had been on a bender and my breath was 90% fumes that a spark in the brush could blow my mouth off. Now I don’t know which one to quit.

  5. Binky

    Where can I buy these things?!

  6. they where destined for the USA…not the first time Fed Ex screwed up….

  7. Androgoth

    This sounds like a denture drive to me…
    and he now needs some false one’s, erm
    teeth I meant but if he popped that brush
    in his pocket while he admired himself
    in the mirror then he may need something
    of a different nature…


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