Guess what this is?

Give up? Ah, you will never guess. The image is a scan of a man’s scrotum. Yep, you see the face too huh? When the man from Canada began complaining about severe pain in his testicles, doctors ordered a scan and viola, they found a tumor with what looks like a face  “screaming in pain”. The face, the growth and the testicle were all later removed.


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6 responses to “Guess what this is?

  1. Maybe it was his head up his ass.

  2. Now I’m hurting. Yikes! I always wanted a face down there, but not like this. No, not at all.

  3. OMG IT’S JESUS !!!!!!…….. Pill please….

  4. Fairy Face

    Gees he has the mother of all HEAD JOBS and he’s still complaining!!

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