Open 6 Until Late

So who knew that in Tassie when a pub says meals from 6pm until late, it really means from 6 until 8pm. Needless to say the loon went to bed on a empty stomach! Thanks Longford!!


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6 responses to “Open 6 Until Late

  1. Lucky….. Those Tassie devils are usually tucked away in bed at 7.30pm… Did you not know?

  2. Couldn’t the loon find another pub?

  3. Fairy Face

    My aunt lived in Longford and when I was there there’s wan’t much happening either. So just what are you doing there Loon? Not much ever happens in Longford. She moved back to the mainland and is now in Ballarat.

  4. 8:30!!! Who in their right mind stays up that late??? They turn our generators off at 7 so no point staying up much after that. But then again Longford is a pretty hip & happening place. Too much excitement there for me…

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