Friggin Loon Currently Up a Tree

Just letting you know that Internet in Tassie sucks and I am currently using my IPad up a tree. Yesterday I went to Albert Park and guess what loons? I not only discovered they have monkeys in the park but the monkeys carry the herpes virus. Step away from the monkeys!!!!!


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7 responses to “Friggin Loon Currently Up a Tree

  1. My internet has been intermittent at best. I think a surge fried a router or something else.

    Thanks for the monkey herpes heads up.

  2. You climb a tree with an iPad, and one of those punk monkeys will rip it from your hands.

  3. Yeah ya gotta be careful of the monkeys & their STD’s. When visiting the monkeys remember to always practice safe sex like us locals do & you should be OK. Forget the tree that’s old technology. Remember I told you that you’ve gotta plug into a phone box!!!

  4. Fairy Face

    Monkeys ???? in the park? in Tassie?

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