Three Tassie Hunters Arrested in Idaho

Three men from Blackwood Creek in Tasmania have been arrested in Idaho for allegedly illegally hunting elk. In an ironic twist of fate they all live near where I am currently trapped. It’s the talk of the town. The trio had been under Investigation for poaching during several hunting seasons. Bail is set at $40,000 and the could face five years behind bars!


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21 responses to “Three Tassie Hunters Arrested in Idaho

  1. Poaching, out in the Western states, is tantamount to cattle stealing. Have you heard the phrase “string ’em up!” ? Out there, they mean it.

    Somebody get a rope!

  2. Fairy Face

    I hopt they get five years for each animal they killed. I HATE hunting for sport. It’s not sport if all the animal can do is try to outrun. When I see them hunting those beautiful big deer I cry. It’s so sad

  3. Fairy Face

    They wouldn’t have the guts if it was bare handed. The thought of killing any animal is abhorrent to me. I know cows are our food chain but I still don’t like how they are killed. We don’t at meat either. Imagine if we become food for someone EEEK ! Killing skinning, boning, it sends shivers though me.

  4. Cowgirl

    There is always more to the story AKA the truth. Dont believe all that is written here!!!!! None of you know the full story so do not judge until you have all the true facts, which none of you will ever have.

  5. Is there EVER an Elk Season? I’m not up on my hunting knowledge these days.

  6. So that’s why I haven’t seen Dad, Pop & Uncle Charlie in a while…

  7. Fairy Face

    They’re from Tassie so we don’t ever expect to know the truth.

  8. Blood sport is for sickos looking for power.. Small dick syndrome is often the cause for their desire to kill for no reason….Sad pricks…Hmmm …a Tasmanian hairy arse carpet rug? ….could there be a market for Yankee rednecks?… Les go huntin now yall….

    • Fairy Face

      I agree, it never ceases to amaze me how many guys go “a huntin”. The Austrian’s son in law goes out hunting all the time with his mates and I keep asking his wife why he feel the need to kill defenseless animals.
      To me it speaks volumes about their personality. I could never be with a guy who enjoys killing for the heck of it. This guy has a gun cabinet full of rifles, all locked up of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Geez gimme a brick!!

  9. desk49

    Will I’m not going to tell any of youall how much I like to go out in the woods and kill a little cute bunny for supper.


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