Europe is Aglow

No need to panic just yet but OMG,  low levels of  radiation have been detected across Europe over the past few days. More concerning is the trace of iodine-131, which is a radiation associated with a leaky nuclear reactor or the detonation of nuclear weapon. So far no one knows the origin of the leak or which country it is coming from. Run people, run!!!!

Psst Hmm, maybe it’s  China’s way of effectively cleaning up Europe’s financial mess?????


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5 responses to “Europe is Aglow

  1. Fairy Face

    Geez Loon between you and the POLISH washing machine repair man who lobbed up at 8.30AM to fix daughter’s washer. He talked about China , Russia, Greece Turkey and all the other Euro toting countries going under. About radiation leeks and one of your very favourites, Imadinnerjacket!. I was tired listening to him as I didn’t sleep well. After that he told me the machine was fcuked and $50.00 for the visit which I thought was reasonable lol. Don’t have your dryer on top of your front loader in a small space as computers and electronics don’t take too kindly to moisture getting into the works.

  2. Fairy Face

    Daughter’s mega. These dinks have a great life but since I moved in temporarily 5 months ago. I do all the housework and gardening and feed Louie and Tillie. I had to BE THERE for the machine man today as he was too early for them lol. He was quite a character with a very expressive face and big teeth. One of of those faces with a thousand expressions a minute. Actually come to think of it some of those expressions were a tad scary lol. I cameback tyo Daylesford for some sanity today. I hate the city now after living here. I’m sitting here listening to ‘Angie’ by The Stones and having a champers to get the radiation/ euro/washing machine man out of my head. Now it’s Cher and Peter Cetera “After All” very poingant!

  3. Androgoth

    That graphic that you have added reminds
    me of someone but I’m not telling who? 🙂 lol

    A good posting Loon…


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