Muslim Couple 911 Pranked Over 150 Times

Can the person who keeps prank calling 911 and sending police and fire fighters to a Muslim couple’s apartment in upper Manhattan friggin quit it! For nearly two years Mamadou and Assetou Sy have have been the target of over 150 prank calls. All the calls are made in the middle of the night and each time they have to open the door to either a cop or a firefighter and explain that …. no there is no one injured…..nope there is no fire…. or sorry, there was no gunfire coming from the apartment. Unfortunately both departments by law have to respond to the pranks!


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5 responses to “Muslim Couple 911 Pranked Over 150 Times

  1. 150 time without tracing the caller? Gee… American ingenuity…. losers…

  2. Fairy Face

    I swear Video Ezy would hub them down much quicker.

  3. Binky

    Seems like they could put a little more effort in tracking the call and investigating the case.

  4. Androgoth

    Obviously someone is a complete and utter
    Loon… Oop’s sorry Loon I don’t mean you 🙂


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